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Botox Near me in Houston, TX

Memorial Family and Urgent Care Clinic Provides Botox Services for Patients Looking to Enhance Their Overall Appearance. For More Information Call Us Today at (281) 724-7588 or Simply Book an Appointment Online. We Are Open 6 Days a Week!

Botox Near me in Houston, TX

Since 2002, Botox treatments have been available in the United States. Although it has been possible to receive this treatment for over 15 years, many people have misconceptions about what goes on with this procedure. Unfortunately, its portrayal in movies and on TV haven’t helped as certain aspects of this treatment have been wildly embellished. The truth is that Botox is an FDA approved treatment for wrinkles you might find on your face.Memorial Family and Urgent Care Clinic in Houston, TX has a state of the art facility ready to provide you with Botox treatments to help restore your youthful appearance and remove wrinkles.

What is Botox? How does it work?

Wrinkles appear when your muscles in your face continue to contract and hold. This condition is very common after years of smiling and laughing. To help relax the muscles in this area, we inject a toxin from the Clostridium Botulinum bacteria. This toxin paralyzes the muscles, and in large amounts, it can be quite dangerous. However, our skilled technicians use tiny amounts of this toxin to coax your muscles to release their contractions. Injection of this toxin helps ease or even erase wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, chin, and mouth.With that in mind, please remember that this treatment will not affect any wrinkles due to gravity or the sun.

How long will it take for me to have a Botox treatment? How long does a treatment last?

In most cases, a procedure will only last a few minutes. Our highly experienced providers use a fine needle for the injections. Most patients don’t feel a thing, although a few have reported some minor discomfort.It may take up to seven days for you to notice the effects of a treatment session. We recommend that you drink no alcohol a week before the procedure and no anti-inflammatory medicines at least two weeks before the treatment. Avoiding these two things will reduce the chances of bruising in and around the injection site.

We have found that most treatments last three to four months. After that time, the wrinkle lines will gradually reappear. However, we have also seen that these lines will be less severe because your muscles remember how to relax again. Additional treatments may be needed if you wish to maintain less visible wrinkles.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t consider Botox? Are there any side effects I should be aware of?

Among the most common side effects is bruising at the injection site. Some report headaches as well. The drooping of your eyelid can occur when Botox shifts near the injection site. Often this happens if you rub your face or the area with your hand. If you have a neurological disease, pregnant, or breastfeeding, Botox is not recommended.When you visit Memorial Family and Urgent Care Clinic you’ll talk one on one with our experts to see if this treatment is right for you.

Our medical clinic is located at 14629 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77079. We are open Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm and on Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm. We are closed on Sundays. While Botox treatments are generally not covered by insurance, we do take most major insurances for all of your urgent care needs. Do you have questions about Botox Treatments or would like to make an appointment? Call our friendly staff today at 281-724-7588.



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