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Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services in Houston, TX

Do you have mono, strep, or the flu? Memorial Primary and Urgent Care offers complete, on-site laboratory services so that you receive a proper diagnosis. Contact us today to learn more or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

Laboratory Services Near Me in Houston, TX
Laboratory Services Near Me in Houston, TX

Table of Contents:

What are laboratory services?
What are the departments in a laboratory?
What lab testing services can an urgent care provide?

Results are available within ten minutes leading to a quicker diagnosis and treatment plan. Some of the tests that can be performed include:

  • CBCs These tests check for anemia or signs of infection.
  • Urinalysis Urinalysis tests can check for pregnancy, infection and are used for drug screening.
  • Cultures These test for strep throat and the flu.
  • Chemistry Our chemistry tests check for signs of dehydration, electrolyte abnormalities (potassium, sodium, etc) and liver function abnormalities.

At Urgent Care Memorial, if your provider believes that you need laboratory testing, you will not need to be sent out to a private laboratory for the collection and then have to wait for a phone call or second appointment to get your results. We strive to provide you with the best medical care available, including a comprehensive, on-site laboratory.

When you think of healthcare, you may think of departments like surgery, radiology and an ER, however, there is one part of the system that most people don’t think a lot about: the laboratory.

Since the laboratory is a behind-the-scenes role in healthcare – and a very important one – its set-up and structure is pretty much unknown to the general public.

Where do all those blood and urine tests go? To the laboratory of course and when completed they are sent back to your doctor or healthcare provider to help diagnose and treat your condition.

What are laboratory services?

Laboratory services provides the collection of body fluids and blood for tests ordered by your healthcare provider or doctor, including a comprehensive range for specialized and routine testing and clinical consultations: blood and body fluid sample collection, genetics and genomics, urinalysis, biochemistry and toxicology, transfusions medicine, coagulation studies, microbiology, public health testing, serology, autopsy pathology, and electrocardiogram.

What are the departments in a laboratory?

Inside the lab are five key departments – accessioning, chemistry, hematology, microbiology, and blood bank.
Here is a break down of what each department does:

Accessioning: the area of the lab where blood, urine, and other body substances may be collected, given a barcode, received in the computer, and distributed to the corresponding area of the lab to complete the tests requested by the physician.

Chemistry: the department that performs the actual testing on patient urine, body fluids, and blood in order to evaluate the health of a patient – sugar, lipids, electrolytes, prostate, thyroid, among hundreds of other tests.

Hematology: the area of the lab that tests blood for a variety of conditions, like leukemia, blood parasites, blood loss from trauma, and amenia, to name a few examples.

Microbiology: the area of the lab where professionals carry out the process of streaking and smearing patient specimens, like a swab from a leg wound onto special plates with media substances to encourage growth of microscopic organisms, like staph bacteria that can be identified and tested against specific antibiotics for the best treatment to cure the infection for a patient.

Blood Bank (Transfusion Medicine): A crucial service for patients having surgeries that might cause blood loss or patients undergoing chemotherapy with low platelets may receive an infusion of platelets to help with blood clotting.

What lab testing services can an urgent care provide?

An increasing number of people are choosing to have their blood work and laboratory testing done at urgent care for the same reason they choose their healthcare option: convenience, efficiency, and affordability.

The common lab services and tests offered at urgent care centers include:

Blood Tests: Any number of tests to identify diseases and determine the health of organs.

Point of Care Testing: Medical testing that is done outside the clinical laboratory for things like mono, blood sugar, rapid flu, rapid mono, pregnancy test, and urinalysis.

Imaging: EKG testing, chest X-rays, and extremity X-rays that offers a visual representation of the body for analysis.

Specialty Exam Services: Pre-participation exams for youth sports, workers compensation injury evaluation, physical therapy, commercial driver’s license exams, and urgent women’s health exams.

Urgent care centers are ideal for lab testing. Whether it’s blood tests or X-rays, medical testing at urgent care is affordable, efficient, and convenient. You no longer have to wait in the waiting room for medical tests – you just walk into your local urgent center and request your test, that’s it!

If you require laboratory tests – X-rays or blood tests, for example, we encourage you to contact us or book an appointment through our website. Memorial Urgent Care offers a wide range of non-emergency and emergency services, including complete, on-site laboratory services – urinalysis, mono, strep, flu, complete blood count, and more. We serve patients from Houston TX, West University Place TX, Bellaire TX, Jacinto City TX, Galena Park, TX, and South Houston TX.