Trauma Treatment Questions and Answers

Traumatic injuries can happen, despite our best efforts to avoid them. At Memorial Medical Center in Houston, TX, we can provide treatment of traumatic injuries that are not life-threatening, through our urgent care services, just give us a call. Alternatively, you can book an appointment online.

Trauma Treatment Near Me in Houston, TX
Trauma Treatment Near Me in Houston, TX

What defines trauma?

Trauma is a term that is used to describe both a physical and a mental event that can affect a person. Physical trauma refers to a serious injury that affects the body from an outside force. Physical trauma has two main forms, depending on the source of the trauma. These are blunt force trauma and penetrating trauma. Blunt force trauma refers to a dull object coming into contact with the body and causing injuries such as a concussion or broken bones. Significant blunt force trauma can also cause the skin to break through the sheer force of the impact. Penetrating trauma refers to an object piercing the skin or body, typically from a sharp or pointed object, which will create an open wound.

Traumatic injuries are typically severe and can be caused by such instances as a car crash, significant fall, gunshot, knife wound, burns, or battery. Injuries classified as traumatic can potentially be life-threatening, in which case patients need to see immediate medical care through a hospital emergency room. For traumatic injuries that are not considered life-threatening, such as cuts and fractures, patients can seek care through urgent care such as the one at Memorial Medical Center.

What are the three types of trauma?

There are three main types of trauma, used to classify how the injury was received. They are:

  • Acute trauma, which occurs as the result of a single event such as a car crash, gunshot wound, or knife wound.
  • Chronic trauma is the result of multiple events, happening over a period of time. This type of trauma can be the result of something like domestic abuse or bullying.
  • Complex trauma is the result of multiple and varied traumatic events, typically the result of a personal relationship.

All three types of trauma can cause serious injuries to a person from a physical aspect, but also have a mental component to them as well. People who have experienced physical trauma to their body should also check in with a certified mental health professional to talk through the psychological side of the trauma. At Memorial Medical Center, we can treat the physical aspect of trauma injuries, such as cuts and fractures that are not considered life-threatening, and help our patients to seek out other resources as needed.

How does trauma affect a person?

Physical trauma causes injury to a person’s body, whether that is a bruise, cut or fractured bone. Every trauma case is going to be unique depending on the source of the trauma, the impact of the source on the body, and how the body responds to it. Trauma can also be more than just a physical injury; in many cases, it will also cause mental trauma that requires treatment from a certified mental health professional with experience in trauma. The extent of the trauma, both physical and mental, will vary from one patient to the next and it is important that patients seek care immediately for their injuries to start the physical healing. Injuries can be life-threatening, in which case patients need to seek immediate care through a hospital emergency room. For injuries that are not life-threatening, patients can seek out treatment for cuts and broken bones through urgent care such as Memorial Medical Center where our team is able to clean and stitch the wounds, and set and cast broken bones.

What can trauma cause?

 Depending on the extent of the injury, trauma can cause complications during the treatment and healing processes due to severe wounds and broken bones, an increased risk of infection, and injury to surrounding tissues, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It is important to seek medical care for an injury caused by trauma through a medical team that has experience dealing with traumatic injuries as they will be familiar with these potential complications. A traumatic injury can also cause mental health issues for the patient due to the circumstances surrounding their injury. They can experience nightmares, flashbacks to the event, anxiety or panic, inability to focus, and many other feelings connected to the event.

The team at Memorial Medical Center is trained and experienced in dealing with patients affected by trauma and can provide the right medical care to heal the physical wounds and monitor for any complications, as well as provide avenues of support for the psychological aspects of the trauma. For more details please call us or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Houston TX, West University Place TX, Bellaire TX, Jacinto City TX, Galena Park, TX, and South Houston TX.


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